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My Notion Workflow

Aug 2, 2019

In this blog post, I will show you how I currently have my Notion setup.

The screenshots shown in this post will be based off of the Notion on Web.

The Notion has both a light and dark mode, my setup is with light mode enabled and on some Notion pages, I have the full-width mode enabled as I prefer to use all the screen space that I have.


My Home page is used as my dashboard page also I call it as Satellite

🎋 Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker help me to measure whether I did a habit. I used the most basic format

🔒 Vault

Here are my collection of Government IDs, Cards, API Keys and 2FA Backup Codes

🤔 Quotes

Help me to stay inspired

🍿 Movies and Shows

🎶 Music Artists

🤗 Mood

This is my favorite part, I track mood thrice a day automatically with the help of Telegram Bot connected with Notion API with the help of Notion.py package

💸 Spendings

My Spendings page is really simple

📗 Journal

Job Application Tacking

Once I got my desired workflow implemented, Notion has allowed me to increase my productivity with more focus and I will continue to use it and iterate my layout as needed.

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